Best Cheap Gaming Monitor Under 200

Best Cheap Gaming Monitor Under 200

Best Gaming Monitor Under 200 Reviews and a Buyer’s Guide

Any PC game enthusiast, seasoned or other otherwise will tell you that a good, crystal clear, high quality monitor could mean the difference between winning and losing a game. While the best cheap gaming monitor is imperative when it comes to PC games. It doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune on the monitor. In a bid to ensure you get value for money. We have made suggestions on the best cheap gaming monitor under 200 while outlining the basics. You need to look out for when buying a gaming monitor at the same time. You can always check out the best gaming monitor under 200 on Amazon. And select the unit meets your requirements adequately.

best cheap gaming monitor

Are you planning to buy a good monitor to play your games. But you are not sure of what and how to buy the best monitor for your gaming experience? We all know that you have got to have the right. And best monitor for gaming before you can enjoy your favorite games. So, let us discuss some tips which will surely help you to pick up the best option to enjoy gaming on your monitor.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Monitor

These are some of the considerations to make when buying the best cheap gaming monitor.

1. Panel Size and Resolution

Gaming monitors come in a multiplicity of panel sizes and resolutions. However the thumb rule is, the bigger the monitor, the better it is. If space allows it go for a monitor that has a 27-inch screen that offers plenty of room to maneuver. When it comes to resolution, it almost goes without saying that the higher the resolution the better. While monitors with high pixels provide sharper images, be sure to go for the unit with the highest resolution in its class if you have limited budgetary allocations.

best cheap gaming monitor

2. Panel Technology

Check out the panel technology that the monitor of your choice comes with before buying. Monitors featuring the Vertical Alignment technology have a high contrast ratio. And are able to display deep blacks but produce noticeable ghosting effects that can have a negative impact on the gaming performance.

Monitors featuring the Twisted Nematic (TN) technology are not only affordable but also offer unmatched pixel responses and refresh rates. You may also consider monitors with In-Plane Switching technology for all-round quality and strong gray scale performance and wide viewing angles.

best cheap gaming monitor

3. Response Rate

The ideal gaming monitor should have a high refreshing rate. The most common pixel response for most monitors is gray to gray. The response is measured in milliseconds, which is the time it takes a pixel to move from one end of the gray to another. Choose a monitor that has a response rate of anything between 2 and 4 milliseconds if you want an excellent gaming experience.

best cheap gaming monitor

4. LED vs LCD Monitors

LED monitors are more or less like LCD monitors save for the fact that LED monitors come with backlighting that offers additional benefits. Such as brighter, sharper display and thinner screen as well as well low power consumption.

Another factor I will like you to consider is the power consuming rate. And the cost of both the LED and the LCD Monitor before choosing your best monitor for gaming.

LED monitors are a very recently developed technology and are generally preferred over LCD monitors. Because LED monitors require a lot less power to operate than the cold cathode fluorescent lamps. This trait can be assigned to the low energy needs of the LEDs. Their energy consumption is often as much as forty percent lesser than regular LCD monitors. They’ve also been considerably more eco-friendly because mercury is not included in their production.

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5. Key Considerations

There are factors that you just have to get right if you want to end up with a monitor that will satisfy your needs to the fullest. Fist off the panel type has to be right if you want to get absolute resolution. The brightness, color production, and viewing angles have to be on point as well. It, therefore, means that you have to assess how the unit displays images before buying.

Equally, do not go for a monitor that does not match what you require primarily. Because the monitor’s output will ultimately determine if you enjoy the game or not.

best cheap gaming monitor

6. Connections

The best cheap gaming monitor under 200 should have a high bandwidth connection that allows you to plug in a multiplicity of accessories. For instance, the port should allow for plug-in of accessories that would help you receive a better video signal.

Latest video game monitors come with the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) display ports that do not rely on VGA connection.
If DVI display ports do not sound like your cup of coffee. You may consider buying a monitor that has a HDMI connection ports that are used connect the monitor to a high definition source. Such as a Blu-ray player or a video game system. HDMI connections ports are common with most monitors but are only available for units with a screen size of 22 inches or below.

best cheap gaming monitor

7. Price

The price that a monitor goes for may ultimately determine the unit that you end up with. Note the expensive models do not necessarily provide the best output and vice versa. The most important thing to do is to stick to your budgetary allocation. But be sure to check out the unit’s features and specifications to ensure that you end up with the best product within a particular price range.

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8. Warranty

The warranty period is of absolute importance when buying a gaming monitor. It goes without saying that you should go for the monitor with the longest warranty period. A long warranty period is an indication that the manufacturers of the unit trusts in what it has to offer and is willing to stand by it. Also, check before screening for what is warranted and what is not covered.

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9. Customer Reviews

What others say about a product is important since it helps you make an informed buying decision. Read out customer reviews on online retailers such as Amazon or or the official manufacturer’s website to get a feel of what other customers have to say about a particular monitor. Go for the unit with positive customer reviews and high ratings.

best cheap gaming monitor

If you are well acquainted with the basics, settling for the best cheap gaming monitor under 200 should not be a problem. The comprehensive buyers guide outline above just brought you closer to choosing the ideal gaming monitor that will meet and perhaps exceed your expectations