Blogs, ReviewsCFG70: Gaming monitor with Curved Design – Best Gaming Monitor

CFG70: Gaming monitor with Curved Design – Best Gaming Monitor

CFG70: Gaming monitor with Curved Design – Best Gaming Monitor

At present, high image quality, fast response speed to enhance the user experience is increasingly more focused than ever. Catching up with that trend, Samsung’s new CFG70 curved monitor (best gaming monitor in 2018) has proved its appeal to professional gamers with curved monitor design, fast response time and dynamic Quantum dots technology. Samsung Newsroom interviews four designers behind the new product, which also discuss design and innovative features.

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Q: Let us know a little about the response time of the CFG70. And the value it brings to the gaming experience.

Hee Bok Song: The basic function of a gaming monitor is to provide smooth graphics and no jerky. We used to measure the response time of the substrate, but today we use MPRT (Moving Picture Response Time). The MPGT of the CFG70 is one millisecond, the fastest in this category. Although the best gaming monitor also has a 1ms response time, what makes the CFG70 especially curved screen design.

best gaming monitor

To enhance the gaming experience, we incorporate 144Hz refresh rates and AMD FreeSync technology. Modern gaming PCs are high speed, and sometimes poor color may not be the most accurate graphics. However, with FreeSync and a refresh rate of 144Hz, the CFG70 provides gamers with smoother and uninterrupted images.

Q: What is the difference between CFG70 and other monitors of image quality?

Jung Woo Hong: CFG70 is the first monitor to be equipped with Quantum dot technology. The biggest difference in this and the lack of quantum dots is that the colors can be reproduced, a particularly vibrant display, the original color.

Normal displays are 72 percent more likely than standard ‘sRGB’ widescreen color monitors, and 98 percent display and 119 percent display. However, the CFG70 is capable of displaying 125% of the sRGB color range. To achieve high-definition images even on curved monitors is not easy, but we study non-stop to develop them.

Q: What is the most important factor when designing a UX monitor?

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Sung Duk Cho: Different games require different visibility in one screen. For example, First-Person Shooters require smooth images for dynamic scene changes. And Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBAs) games require sharp colors so players can easily spot the action. character of the character. So, when we designed the CFX70’s UX, we wanted the CFG70 to complement a variety of games.

To implement the new UX, we have installed a high-end graphics engine into its display. The default CFG70 game settings are also carefully set up with the input of professional Samsung Galaxy gaming teams as well as other gamers who are screened live. The result is a very flexible UX that fits all gamers even the most professional gamers.

The monitor also features ‘Arena Lighting’, which reacts to the sound effects in the game to bring true-to-life light to the user’s video game experience. For example, in FPS games, when a player shoots, the reaction light matches the sound. Each spark and explosion entices them deeper into the action in the game to create an immersive gaming experience.

Q: What is the driving force behind the dual hinge design of the best gaming monitor?

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Yoon Ah Kim: Fast response times and high definition images will become useless if the user can not comfortably focus on the best gaming monitor. Our research has shown that many gamers feel uncomfortable with display imbalances. In fact, many professional gamers are very sensitive to the difference in monitor position less than half an inch or less.

The technical process is not easy, but the convenience criteria with the user is still our top priority. We have created the CFG70 racks design with easy adjustable joints. Like a robot arm, the bracket allows the user to freely adjust the display position according to their preference.

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