Blogs, GuideChoosing a TV or monitor for a gaming computer? Best gaming monitor.

Choosing a TV or monitor for a gaming computer? Best gaming monitor.

Choosing a TV or monitor for a gaming computer? Best gaming monitor.

The market for the best gaming monitor and TVs today is very diverse and rich. For those who have only one PC set and want to use it for everyday purposes such as work and play. And they usually do not demand too much comfort when they experience it. Because they just sit on the chair near the best gaming monitor is okay. But there are more difficult users. And they want to get more out of their display devices, so starting to have problems.

The first is that many people will question the choice between the TV and the best gaming monitor. Both of these models have an image display function. But they are the only choice for casual users. The users do not care much about the extra details but just see the picture is okay. While high demand users, this is a completely different concept when choosing.

best gaming monitor

Analyze your TV and best gaming monitor

The first is about the price of the screen will be 1.5 times higher than TVs or more. While TV is much cheaper so why not choose TV for cost savings. In addition, the TV is usually larger, so the same amount of money instead of buying a 24 “computer screen can buy a TV more than 30”. Moreover, TV prices are becoming more diversified and declining. So you can buy a 4K resolution TV at a much lower price than a 4K gaming monitor. But whatever the reason for it, everything is done for a purpose. Otherwise, they all come together.

TV is mainly to serve media entertainment needs in a passive way. That means you can not interact the other way around. So many strengths will appear like larger screen size, high resolution, vibrant colors, and vibrant colors. It even has a built-in HDR (increase the contrast between light and dark) and of course can watch TV.

Best gaming monitor also have the same characteristics as TVs.

But they serve more purpose, so there are more demanding. More specifically, the ability to interact with the user. For example, from the keyboard and mouse. So there are some data that only the best gaming monitor can meet the TV and not.

TVs often have lower pixel density than regular monitors. Low pixel density at the large screen size will break the picture and you can actually see each pixel. For example, a 24 “monitor at 1366 × 768 resolution would be extremely bad. Still at 1920 × 1080 resolution is very beautiful. So some old TVs will have a resolution of 1080 while the size is over 30 “.

You use to watch movies is not okay if used for the computer may be uncomfortable. But when used in practice, the screen size and resolution also depend on how far you look. For example, a TV with a resolution of 1080p and a size of about 30 “, when you sit at a distance of 2.5m is no problem at all. So when choosing whether to buy a monitor or TV, you should consider all three factors. You should consider your distance when used to choose the right size. If the size is about 30 “it is best to have a minimum resolution of 2K.

best gaming monitor

Next is chroma subsampling technology, but only when you are looking to buy 4K TV.

This is a technology that reduces the color information of each pixel to save space. Because the human eye is more sensitive to darkness than color change, it is difficult to recognize unless you notice it. But it also plays an important role when you intend to use a 4K TV for things that need detail and color accuracy of each pixel. For example, read text or maybe image editing.

As shown above, chroma 4: 4: 4 means uncompressed, while chroma 4: 2: 0 is compressed 1/2. And now you will see the word or other details are no longer clear and sharp. Some monitors can always keep the chroma on the specifics for you, others do not. So if you want to buy a 4K TV with 4: 4: 4 chroma, you should know and read reviews first.

You can also check the 4: 4: 4 chroma by downloading a picture and then open the fullscreen mode. And then check that it is broken like the aerial image. But this method only applies when you have already purchased the monitor. So it’s almost safe to check out, but if you’re going to buy it, it’s best to read the reviews or find 4K’s 4: 4: 4 TV on Google.

There are quite a few TVs with 4: 4: 4, 4K chroma or other resolutions. But with the color remaining the problem is the input lag. Input lag is the time that the screen responds to user interaction. You scroll the mouse but take a few milliseconds to display / display the TV. TV will have higher input lag than many monitors. But also consider the case that you can accept or not. If you play offline games with normal rhythm, the input lag hardly makes you any problems.

In case you play fast-paced rhythm games like online games, the input lag is a problem.

TVs often used for console games should also address input lag problems by having Game Mode. Game Mode will compress the color to reduce the input lag significantly. But then back to the original problem of chroma subsampling. But not all TVs sacrifice input lag with chroma subsampling. Some can satisfy both of them to make your experience great without losing anything like the Sony X700D or the Samsung KU6300.

The next difference between the TV and the monitor is the response time. This is the time that a pixel changes from white to black or from gray to gray. These shades of gray are the intensity of a certain color displayed on the screen through a filter screen. The darker the color, the less light your eyes will have when passing through the color filter. The high response time will lead to many other problems such as blur or motion blur when the moving objects are not clear. In addition, shadows appear behind moving objects (called ghosting).

best gaming monitor

The best gaming monitors will have a clear response parameter on the details page. As for TV, there is no such thing as a TV. If you choose to buy TV should of course read review. And the parameters that the testers offer, just like choosing to buy a 4: 4: 4 chroma TV. Also each manufacturer has its own respone time measurement method. For example, the same 1ms, but many of the measurements that make up the actual experience are also different, plus one more reason for you to read the reviews before buying.

In addition to the new screen now has something exclusive that TV does not have (up to the present). It’s Gsync or Freesync technology for those who have the strongest hardware and want the highest FPS possible.

So choose which one?

best gaming monitor

Depending on your needs you can buy a TV or monitor. For example, if you play the game does not require competition or manipulation and quick response can choose to buy TV. With the large size that soft price, the enjoy the game with normal rhythm is too reasonable. For example, The Witcher 3, for example, a large TV with 4K resolution will give you a better experience than a normal screen.

But if you want to play online games that are highly competitive, it is best to buy a gaming console to get the best out of it. Response time and input lag minimum, as well as no worry about chroma subsampling or other miscellaneous. Especially when you choose to buy the best gaming monitor like BenQ – Acer – ViewSonic and some other companies are even better because of meeting the requirements of users.


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