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Gaming Monitor: LG 34UC79G review

Gaming Monitor: LG 34UC79G Review

The gaming monitor of LG is 34UC7G is making the wind on the market for gamers today. Owning a 34-inch Ultrasonic screen is 21: 9, the IPS refresh rate is 144Hz. In addition, it has an extremely reasonable price that makes this gaming monitors constantly burning in the past.

At a price of more than $ 450. And this monitor has what it takes to create an earthquake with the gaming gear market.

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About design

The monitor is very large. Up to 34 inches in Full HD 2560×1080 resolution comes with a 21: 9 aspect ratio and a 3800R curve.

When I do not have this gaming monitor to think that Full HD image will be very porous. However, contrary to his thinking. This monitor gives a very good display quality and perfectly matches the price of the product.

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At this screen size, if we wanted a resolution of 2K to 4K, we would have to spend another $ 400 to buy a 34UC99. With this money we can invest in configurations for better gaming. Because basically Full HD resolution will provide a much better gaming experience. If your configuration is not strong enough to handle 4K screen resolution.

For this product, there is no limit to the visibility in some locations like 16: 9 screen.

The 34UC79G’s 21: 9 aspect ratio curved display gives you an unrivaled visual experience. And this will help players to immediately reflect on the situation in the game.

The main color red and black color on the product also features for gamers. Along with that is a very cool base, it looks very slim as the winds of the supercar in the game Need For Speed. However, the manufacturer has reinforced the surface of the metal base is very thick and hard to ensure the screen stability. This makes a lot of sense because removing the support of two screws in the position above. Plastic borders with very thin thickness installed around the monitor. When not turning on the gaming monitor, we will feel this monitor as without borders.

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The display supports very good viewing angles

All operations on screen off, light adjustment, color colors, shift between display mode or audio control. … done through this node.¬† The scientific navigation layout of LG makes manipulation with Joystick buttons really fast. The power indicator is also integrated into the joystick so you can see whether the monitor is off or in standby mode. At the back of the monitor is where LG has the ports, we have a DisplayPort 1.2 port with two HDMI 2.0 ports. Especially the two standard connectors on this monitor support 144Hz refresh rate. There are also two USB 3.0 ports, one for fast charging, the other for headphone out and one USB Type B port.

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Plug this USB Type B into the computer we can use two USB ports on this monitor to connect the keyboard and mouse very conveniently.
LG has also designed this monitor with a cradle to keep the wires tidy. And this nail is also very cool design. Like many other models, this monitor is also adjustable for height, flexible viewing angle for maximum gaming comfort. You can even tilt right or left slightly when your floor or desk is not flat. The bottom edge of the monitor  has a symmetrical two-sided heat sink design that is quite similar to the speaker slot. Also with the ability to adjust the volume on the joystick button, many people will mistakenly think that this is the speaker of the device. But the ability to adjust the other volume is to control the volume through the 3.5mm jack on the back.


The 34UC79G is the first 21: 9 gaming monitor to be equipped with an IPS panel, rather than a TN panel as its previous 144Hz monitor.

The IPS display makes the display more vivid and realistic than the TN screen. But still retain the advanced features that only monitor for gamers to get.

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The 34UC79G IPS supports 8 bit color reproduction, with 16.7 million colors displayed on the screen and has a 1000: 1 contrast ratio. However, there is a small deduction that the brightness of the screen is only 300 cd / m2. In contrast, this screen has the ability to display 99% of the sRGB color range, and NTSC at 72%.

Since it is equipped with IPS panels, there is not any point of view that can make this model 34UC79G difficult.

Look horizontal, viewed from the bottom or viewed from the top down at the narrowest corners of 34UC79G’s screen. The display is still full of color that is not changed too much as other panels.

Gaming experience

With a refresh rate of 144Hz with 1ms Motion – Blur – Reduction technology. This gaming monitors allows the display and movement to be sharp in different game situations. Especially with FPS games, giving you a full gaming experience.

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Here we try to play the game Overwatch. At first we chose Full HD resolution and played at refresh rate of 75Hz , the FPS only reached level 70. Therefore, there will be shocking images when moving and not smooth movement. After switching to 144Hz, the FPS reaches about 140 and the tearing phenomenon has disappeared. The movement of the characters in the game becomes much smoother.

In addition, LG is also equipped with this monitor. AMD FreeSync Technology. This technology eliminates jerking and tearing. This is due to the difference between the frame rate of the graphics card and the refresh rate of the gaming monitors while playing the game. This feature also allows for smoother character movement and movement on the gaming monitors with the highest image setting.

This monitor will produce directives to the gamers

So LG 34UC79G equipped with many features in the game. The most important thing here is that color modes when playing games are set up with many genres like FPS, RTS or MOBA. In addition to Black Stabilizer, which has become the standard of all gaming monitors come from all brands in the world. We can easily select these features through the Joystick or on a soft keyboard called OnScreen Control from LG.

On this software we can also adjust the settings similar to the joystick. Especially the ability to split into small screens for use at leisure or work is very convenient.

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With this screen you can do a lot of work at the same time on the gaming monitors. Rather than having to open the window, minimize the other window as the 16: 9 screen. It can be seen that the 21: 9 ratio gives this product a wide variety of uses.


Reach for around $ 450, equipped with great technology support for gamers. Such as refresh rate 144Hz, ultra-fast response time is only 1 millisecond, along with the beautifully designed handy. You can see that 34UC79G deserves a monitor that can help increase the level of gamers.

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