Blogs, GuideHow to choose a resolution screen when playing a game? Best gaming monitor.

How to choose a resolution screen when playing a game? Best gaming monitor.

How to choose a resolution screen when playing a game? Best gaming monitor.

Resolution is the most important graphic setting when you play a game. Which screen resolution is best for gaming?  You may choose Full HD, QHD or UHD. The ratio of the best gaming monitor is 16: 9 or 21: 9 … That’s all we’ll discuss in this review. Almost everyone knows, the screen resolution will tell how many pixels on the screen horizontally and vertically. The more pixelated the best gaming monitor, the better the image, the crisper and the more detailed.

Currently there are 3 most common resolutions: 1080p, 1440p and 2160p.

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If you are a professional gamer then a Full HD resolution screen will be the advanced technology you hear so much. In recent years, the resolution of 720p (HD) is very popular. And the resolution of 1080p (Full HD) is the highest-end segment preferred by gamers. At present, the resolution of 720p is still widespread on low and mid range PCs. Computers with inadequate hardware will have a lot of problems if you increase the resolution. In contrast, the screen resolution of 1080p has become the most common resolution on PC systems. It may not be the latest technology but it is the best solution for gaming.

Full HD resolution:

1080p resolution is very popular because the power of the GPU (graphics card) is still not able to meet the development of presentation technology. The higher the resolution, the more graphics card will have to work hard to keep the FPS playing the game.

For games that require high graphics, the 1080p is the strongest for the 1080p players but still not enough to satisfy. It can only pull FPS to 100 at 1080p and it gets worse when you use a 2K or 4K screen.

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Quad HD resolution

Quad HD means 4x HD, which means that it has four times the pixel resolution of HD resolution, which is often referred to as 2K, although it is exactly 2.5K. For most people, QHD resolution is really a worthwhile upgrade. Virtually everyone has only a screen resolution of 1080p. You will be surprised to use a screen resolution of 2K after a familiar time with the screen 1080p.

When using a 2K screen, you’ll need a mid-range video card. Because it can handle high graphics games with 30 fps at 2K resolution. With details of 30 fps – 60 fps it’s a really low number when you play the game of resistance. But if you do not have much gaming demand and use computers for more work then this is a great option. You can think of high-end GPUs to handle the fps for this cheap gaming monitor.

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Ultra HD resolution:

Ultra screen or 4K screen. This is the highest resolution screen today for a gamer. It has four full-screen pixels, making sure the display is extremely sharp and beautiful. But comes with it’s performance will drop dramatically. Get a graphics card GTX 1080 Ti (the graphics card) the strongest current for gamers. Also 1080 Ti can not handle high graphics games at 60 fps resolution.

If you use video cards like 1070 Ti, 1080 … Then the resolution of 30 fps for high graphics games is a pretty distant. It can be said that 4K screen is not really a suitable choice for gaming. So, there are three most common types of resolutions on the computer screen including 1080p which will bring the best performance. 2160p will bring the best image. 1440p will bring the balance between performance and image.

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